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WTA ++ Leather Vest ENDED

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Posted (edited)

Putting this piece up for auction.


Image Link to IC: https://imgur.com/7IHrNdr

Auction Rules:

  • Auction will end on 5/27/20 at 12pm EST.
  • Bids in the last 24 hours will extend the auction by 12 hours.
  • I reserve the right to not sell if I am not satisfied with the final bid.


  • Up to 5cv in coal(8:1)
  • Cubes
  • Diamonds at 5/10/15
  • Most traced events, will list some that I value below

FPC: 130cv
Celebration/NPC/EPC: 100cv
Greater Magicite of the Wind: 90cv
Butterscotch: 85cv
Celebracers: 80cv
Cinnamon and Ginger: 70cv each

Contact me on discord for any questions and event pricing. (Spidermane#5082)

EDIT: End Date is extended to 5/27/20 at 11:59 PM EST
Auction has ended.

Edited by Spidermane

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40 coals

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