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Inventory showing weirdly

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Hey there, I just got started playing this game and I do love how it is very much like the original.

However, one of the issues I have so far, i how I cannot get my entire inventory to show. Which would be okay if I could at least find a way to navigate it so I can see other parts of the inventory. I am not finding this so I am stuck with items off-screen that i cannot really interact with easily (and I do not know how much else is off screen, maybe there's more than just the row I barely see)

Is this as it should be and if so, how do I work it? I'm sure this has been asked before, but I didn't find any results when searching for it. Sorry.

Thank you in advance for any help.


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Hey so this is something that we are aware of and will be addressing in the future. Assuming you are on a 4:3 / 16:10 monitor, for now switching resolution to a 16:9 resolution like 1920x1080 should temporarily fix the issue till we can address it. 

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