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Thank you DunDef! CardBoard Tube contest!

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i tried to find a great one, but this will have to do.. Sad to see you go Ke1ji



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Thanks for doing the giveaway, I'm glad all the tubes will be checked by someone who will never rig the results
Here is my cute pink tube :)!

Cute pink tube.png

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Now this is what I call a cardboard tube.

Take a look at this marvelous design. The beautiful blue color of this tube combined with the greenish color wrapping around it quite frankly makes for a masterpiece.

This item might not have the highest upgrades, it doesn't have the best stats but you know what? A true master can wield any weapon well. Should one find themselves in trouble, the positive cast rate and a whole 334 range will make for some very effective strength drain auras. This is the perfect weapon. Sure you can get more damage, better stats and the like, but the balance of this item, combined with the breathtaking design will surely make you fall in love with this tube.




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Posted (edited)


Contest Entry:
The worst base damage after upgrades tube I could find. Didn't find any "good" tubes below myth.



Non-entries / my descent into tube madness:

The smallest myth+ base damage before upgrades I could find.


The best tube I could find.


The smallest and largest tubes I could find.


My tube folder.






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