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WTA ++ Mail gloves. (ENDED)

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Hi guys,

The Auction will end at midnight BST on Sunday 3rd May. Bids posted in the last 6 hours of the auction will extend it by another 6 hours. I reserve the right to not sell to the final offer if i am not happy with it.

I accept the following currencies and events:

  • Coal 8:1, maximum of 5cv.
  • Cubes, maximum of 5.
  • Diamonds 5/10/15 - Damage must be a capping stat to be accepted as a single or double cap.
  • Celebracers - 80cv
  • Pointy Hats - 100cv
  • Butterscotch - 100cv
  • Ginger - 80cv
  • Final Patch - 120cv

Events MUST BE TRACED. I can accept other events along with ++ pieces, dm on discord to discuss: KrayzFatman#1284.

Current highest bid: cookie muffin 90cv

Happy bidding!

Disclaimer: Purchasing these gloves from me will sadly not imbue you with the KrayzRNG, my sincerest apologies :classic_sad:.

Apologies for the image being spammed, blame the forums for that one!

mail gloves.png



mail gloves.png

mail gloves.png

Edited by KrayzFatman

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1 hour ago, KrayzFatman said:


mail gloves.png



mail gloves.png

mail gloves.png

I feel like you havent posted the pictures enough, so im not sure i want to bid on this...

Can you please post it a bit more for me? <3 



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