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Tower boost monk build

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Hi, I had a question regarding the stat allocation on a skill boost monk. Should I put all points in Skill? When I test it on Dummies, it doesn't seem to scale very well. Am I better off throwing some points in attack or boost even? I'm also wondering how to build a Monk weapon, seems like I get more bang for my buck if I go all in on elemental. I just dinged 90 and have some decent level 90 armor and weapons, and don't want to waste them or the gold, any help would be appreciated, and yes I did already tried to google it.

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You're right, putting all your points into the skill stat doesn't scale well at all.

My first monk is dedicated to tower boosting so all points into my skill stat, which is about 1500 right now, I'm yet to upgrade any armour, weapons or accessories yet, which I think might give me roughly another additional 1500 to 2000 stats

My second monk is dedicated to towers/auras but my skill stat is at 700-750 from armour and accessories alone with all hero stats put into power and fort. 

The difference between these two monks when tower boosting is only about 20-25k on top of whatever the base tower boost is. 

So I'm guessing if I put another 1500-2000 onto skill when I upgrade my armour I'm going to get another 20-25k on top which hardly seems worth it for all of the gold it would cost. 



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Baseline (0 skill) is a 40% damage increase.  My aura monk has ~300 skill and gets ~85% increase.  My tower boost monk has ~2k skill and gets ~113% increase.  So the investment of the extra 1700 points in skill nets me a 15% increase in total damage.  




It depends on what your team or setup needs.  A good dps monk will need to invest heavily in "boost" and also use a propeller cat.  A tower boost monk probably wants to wear a speedy gemstone.  Playing solo, I feel like I'm better off just investing heavily in skill.

As for the weapon: Elemental damage does not scale with your "attack" stat.  It is also problematic if you find yourself needing to kill anything outside of a strength drain aura that isn't a ogre. 

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