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WTS some relict mods - PC version

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png dont works?



[H] (10/10 Tenacity) [W] (49'000'000):gold:

[H] (10/10 Damage Buff Servo) [W] (2'000'000):gold:

[H] (10/10 Critical Servo) [W] (2'500'000):gold:

[H] (8/10 Defense Rate Servo) [W] (3'000'000):gold:

[H] (9/10 Defense Range Servo) [W] (7'000'000):gold:

[H] (10/10 Accumulator Servo) [W] (1'000'000):gold:

[H] (10/10 Orc-Boom Servo) [W] (1'000'000):gold:

[H] (10/10 Frosty-Boom Servo) [W] (1'000'000):gold:

[H] (8/10 Controller Servo) [W] (4'000'000):gold:

[H] (9/10 Anti Support Servo) [W] (2'000'000):gold:

[H] (8/10 Anti Support Servo) [W] (1'300'000):gold:


Weapons + Gear:

[H] (10/10 Spectral Chip) [W] (2'000'000):gold:

[H] (9/10 Focused Power Chip) [W] (1'200'000):gold:

[H] (10/10 Crit Damage Chip [W] (5'000'000):gold:

[H] (10/10 Mana Gain Chip) [W] (200'000):gold:

[H] (9/10 Piercer Chip) [W] (300'000):gold:

[H] (10/10 Normal Damage Chip (Gloves)) [W] (1'000'000):gold:

[H] (10/10 Normal Damage Chip (Head)) [W] (700'000):gold:

[H] (10/10 Medium Chip (Gloves)) [W] (600'000):gold:

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