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[ENDED] 6 ULT++ Armor Pieces

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WHATS UP MY D00DL3Z time to buy my stuff...

I will auction all things below untill Sunday evening(9pm utc+1).

I accept offer in Cubes,Coal(1/10)  and diamonds (5,10,15).
PM me for value of events(if you'd offer that for some weird reason).
Buyout for each ++ is 10cv(excluded the 419^ chain boots).


I reserv the right to cancel the auction/trade at anytime would i not be satesfied with the offers.

Current offers:

Plate chest 311^ - 5cv Gyvexx
Pristine shirt 270^ - 5cv KrayzFatman
Plate boots 291^ - 5cv Escev
Chain boots 419^ - 20cv Ke1ji++
Leather boots 397^ - 5cv KrayzFatman

Edited by MrRandomGuy
Adding offers as we go

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This auction is now over-finito

Slide into my discord PM's to trade: MrRandomGuy#2276

My timezone is GMT+2/CEST. il be available after 17 most of the days.

Pinata - Focus Church

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