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Hey defenders , hows it going ?

Just farmed Ult++ Mail tower boots but i'm not using Mail series so i want to auction it.

Image link :https://ibb.co/pKJz1P0
This auction ends at 25/4/2020 12:00 PST.

This auction will be extended if someone bids in last 5 mins for 1 hour.

I don’t accept coals , Diamond is valued as 5/10/15 ( DMG for 1 cap , DMG + w/e status for double cap)

I also accept ↓

Pointy hat :100cv EPH:120cv


ButterScotch : 90cv

Gaia's last gift : 70cv

RainMaker :200cv

All Event items must have to be traced.

I have the rights not to accept the offers if i don't like it.

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