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WTA Ember Sceptre ULT ++ Sceptre 47*(ENDED)

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Hey Defenders . 

I've just farmed better Sceptre these days so i decided to auction my privious one .

If any one intrested on this one , try bidding it .

This auction ends at 4/21 12:00 PST .

This auction will not be extended if any one bids in last 1min or so.  *Its already fully upped.

Notification : The bid must include 1 following Events listed below.

Final Patch / Butter Scotch / Celebracers .

Those Items are treated same value for me ( Sure 100% those have quite big difference in value they have , But  No objections)

I also accept following event items with listed value. (MUST BE TRACED)

Pointy hat : 100cv ( EPH : 110cv )

Gaia's last gift : 65cv

Water fall : 60cv

Ginger 75cv


I don't accept coals.

Diamond for 5/10/15 (DMG for single , DMG + w/e status)

Good luck , and happy bidding.

IC has been done by Escev. Thanks for taking time.


Image Link :https://ibb.co/3Bdjg86



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OreoDayz : sure ty


Friendly Trees : u need to bid Final Patch or  ButterScotch or Celebracers to bid 

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  • Ke1ji++ changed the title to WTA Ember Sceptre ULT ++ Sceptre 47*(ENDED)

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