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WTA Ult++ Plate Tboost Helmet (Closed)

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Hi all, I'm auctioning off this helmet:

IC: https://imgur.com/a/PJ8UGMX

Screenshot (207).png


Accepting Coal/Cubes/Diamonds/Events:

  • Max of 10cv in coal at 8:1
  • Diamonds at 5/10/15
  • Final Patch at 150cv
  • Pointy Hats at 100cv
  • Celebracers at 80cv
  • Cinnamon at 80cv
  • Ginger at 80cv
  • Butterscotch at 100cv
  • The Rainmaker at 200cv
  • Greater Magicite of Wind at 80cv
  • The Cavalry at 40cv
  • War Bonnet at 25cv
  • Lumen at 25cv

Contact me on discord (Deskdogs#7066) for other events



Auction Rules:

  • This auction will last until 03/29/2020 5pm PST
  • Bids posted in the last 24 hours of the auction will extend the auction 24 hours
  • I reserve the right to not sell if I am not satisfied with the offer
  • Contact me on discord (Deskdogs#7066) for any questions




Screenshot (207).png

Screenshot (207).png

Screenshot (207).png

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