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I'm sorry if this has been answered already but is there a list of the CDT map reward weapons and what they do/unique effects?

I just recently got back into playing (aiming for 118/118) and I noticed that a lot of weapons have some pretty cool properties, what really made me want to ask is the honey staff in particular. There is a debuff effect on the tavern dummy but it doesn't cause them to take further damage so I can only assume it's like a targeted Str Drain so they deal less damage? 

Some other weapons that I've tried so far 

Spear of the New Kingdom (Tomb of Etheria) - Monk Wep pierce (like harpoon turrets). 

Ace of Spades (Magus Citadel) - Throwing Cards, I think this also pierces?


I know a lot of folks have probably moved onto DD:A, but it would be nice to have a list of weapons and what they do/unique ability. 

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There is technically patch notes here on the forums in the Community Development section but it isn't actually up to date compared to what actually launched since some things were changed from the beta version that it was updated for.

Alternatively, we have an updated version of the patch notes somewhere in the announcements channel (you'll probably have to scroll up a bit) of the DDRnG discord if you'd like to join the community.


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