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Uber Contest!!! Prince Ali Edition[CLOSED]

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Hello All! 

Welcome to another Uber contest. In this edition you will return to Moraggo and possibly 'wish' that  you never launched your game

For this walk in the park contest, you must complete the Challenge "War of The Djinn"  to earn some redheads. aka gingers. aka huntress guardian pet. aka that thing everyone wants

To enter please 

1) Complete the map on nmhc solo with no splits

2) Screenshot the victory screen showing characters (overview and heroes screen)

3)  Include your steam ID 

Time may be a minor factor \o/ 

Contest will run from 3/7/2020 till 3/21/2020 at 1AM EST

May the odds be ever in your favor




1)mr fox









10)escev for longest time





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Now this is a contest I can waste my life on. Excellent.

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Hey uber, thanks for hosting another contest! Good luck to all who enter!



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