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Hey Defenders. How you guys doing ?

Ive farmed this gear from infested ruins SV few days ago.

Ive got suggestion to auction it then i decided to do so.

This auction ends up at 07/03/2020 16:59 PST.

I accept only cubes / Dia/Events thats are traced.

Diamond Values:

Noncap - 5

Single - 10

Double - 15 (DMG/Ratio)




Ginger - 40cv

Butterscotch - 30cv

For Others, gimme poke on my Discord keiji#5108

I deserve the right to refuse deals if i dont like the offers.

Bump it and waiting for winners.

Starting ratio:15cv

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Item check is under progress atm.

Ill put the image pic once I get it.

And also thinking of auction's closing time shorter cause im getting satisfied of the current price. Any more bid for someone else?

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