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Early Access Patch Notes 2/28

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Hey Defenders,

How’s that saying go, another day, another dang patch to make gameplay a lot better? Pretty sure that’s how it goes. We’ve got more feature updates and bug fixes coming in! There’s a lot of bug fixes here that are very technical, which we’ll mark with a (*) that indicate multiple bug fixes that wouldn’t make sense to type out. Let’s get into it!

Feature Update

  • Updated reload tool tip math for crossbows to be more accurate.

  • You can now rename your heroes on Hero Selection UI 

    • Currently it doesn’t update the side list until UI is reopened.

  • Accessories item power calculation has been adjusted to now show a balanced item power value.

  • Loot is now teleported out of spawners should it land inside of spawners.

Bug Fixes

  • Added a potential fix for the data loss issue various players have experienced.

  • Adjusted some upgrade math to handle rounding better.

  • Fixed multiple issues that were causing crashes.(*)

  • Fixed an issue where upgrading a defense didn’t show the correct damage that the defense would deal.

  • Fixed an issue with some of the pets dropping with 0 item power, continuing work on this still for the rest of pets.

  • Fixed an issue with multiple enemies getting stuck on The Summit.

  • Fixed an issue with Huntress Piercing Shot not scaling with hero damage or hero damage buffs.

  • Fixed a bug where the Chainsaw Sword was incorrectly scaling, and should receive better stats now.

  • Fixed A LOT of AI issues.(*)

  • Fixed an issue with Thunder Spike Trap not damaging certain enemies, specifically Ogres.

  • Adjust Dark Elf Warrior’s jump to work significantly better.

  • Made it so Dark Elf Warrior’s Jump only targets players.

  • Made it so Dark Elf Warrior’s Dash only targets players and towers.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed duplication.

  • Fixed an issue with where Elemental damage was scaling too high.

  • Fixed an issue where certain items weapon damage was scaling too high.

  • Fixed an issue on the backend for properly tracking heroes used.

  • Fixed an issue where certain options weren’t saved.

Social Defenders

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Keep an eye out for more info!

For Etheria!

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