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Patch V0.9.0.12669

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  • Rebinding any keys of the tower interact abilities to movement will cause the character to auto run.
  • Accessories are not dropping with upgrade levels.
  • Ogre is not hitting targets right in front of him.
  • Ogre stand too far away from targets they are attacking.
  • Slice N Dice Blockade is not hitting goblins at all.
  • Griffin primary attack stat not correct.
  • Bouncer Blockades randomly have a difficult time hitting goblins.
  • Giraffe not dropping on wave 25 survival insane.
  • Squire doesn't show him blocking on clients.
  • Game doesn't stay private if you previously hosted a game.
  • Ogres on The Summit campaign only go down one lane.
  • Yellow Ramster can't be upgraded.
  • Yellow Ramster are targeting towers that don't use attack rate.
  • Pets are dropping with 0 quality.
  • Enemies are getting stuck on The Summit and The Ramparts.
  • Ping sounds are now controlled by the UI sound slider.
  • Chromatic gemstone pets can roll without an upgradeable stat.
  • Ogres on Ancient Mines are not scaling correctly on various difficulties.
  • Several more crashes.


  • Added option to disable profanity filter.
  • Chat Box Improvements with scrolling and escape closing the window.
  • Build suggestions added to pause menu that takes you to https://builds.dundef.com
  • Muzzle flash of the fireball tower has been toned down.
  • Visual of the ogre's snot projectile has been changed to more accurately represent that it's an AOE.
  • Names on award chests can now be viewed from all angles.
  • Accessories and Pets get picked up regardless of quality type if specified.
  • You now build towers faster in the Tavern for more fun!
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