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[WTA] ++Chicken Baller(ENDED)

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Accepted Currency:

Gaia's: 50cv


Monk Guardian 40  Apprentice 50  Hunter 60

Waterfall 30 

Mask of the legends 25

Ancient Plume 35

Mask of the Pumpkin King 25

Memoriam 25

Must be traced

Diamonds: 5cv/10cv/16cv and cube

Auction will end in 7 days .. *Auction will be extended by 24 hours if bid is placed in the last 24 hours of auction*

I will not sell if unsatisfied with offer : )

The second Chickenball(44X up),its Hp should be 41x instead of 4x.


2. BillyH cinnamon 130cv--44X

3. Bryndomouium 5cv--36X


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