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An idea came to me that could make DD into the BEST MMO EVER PUBLISHED. If there was a DD MMO in which you could level your characters, raid dungeons (while building with 9 people alongside you), world quests and all of those cool MMO features I believe it would be really popular. I asked a couple of people and they all said they would play the heck out of it. Does anyone agree that this would be a revolutionary MMO game?

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This would probably work for the origional DD1 players that liked to group like me.   But most people I talk to in beta want to solo all the time and never group with anyone.   I have found a few people in beta that like to group and friended but they seem to be rare.  You can get told off in discord for even suggesting its a multiplayer game...they often freak out and swear its a single player game that allows grouping.   I have no idea when this change happened but I would like to get back to group and a larger group or pvp would definately be welcome.


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