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[WTA] Diamond Cap ToTs / Ult++ Tower Rift

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Not sure what these go for, so thought I'd throw them on here . Three cap TD, while one caps TH.  The other 2 are just really nice normal caps, including a quad cap.  Auction will run a week, accepting cubes / diamonds / events listed below (not that I expect it to get that high)


Auction Ended



PiisamiRotta - ToTs 4 & 5 - 2 CV each

aaargh - ToTs 2,3 & 6 - 1 CV each



Diamond Values:

Noncap - 5

Single - 10

Double - 15



Cinnamon - 40cv

Ginger - 40cv

Butterscotch - 30cv

Celebracers - 75cv



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Bump and a reminder that this closes on Friday :)

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