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[Closed] [WTA] ++ Builder Emerald Staff / Cursed Emerald Staff

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YRQgDow.jpg LT31ckS.jpg

I am selling them separately but you can bid for both,idm

Item Check : https://imgur.com/EVRRhVR

I'm accepting Cubes,Diamonds (5/10/15),Useful ++ armor (pm me so i can tell you if i'm interested or not)

Events i'm accepting : - Celebration/NPC/EPC, : 100cv 

                                      - FPC : 125cv

                                      -Celebracers : 75cv 

                                      -Ancient Plume: 35cv

                                      -Red: 60cv

                                      -Mask of legends: 25cv

                                      - Cinnamon : 70cv

                                      - Ginger : 70cv 

                                      -Butterscotch : 85cv

                                      -Firestorm : 40cv

                                      -bLACK mAGICK : 20cv

Auction will last at least 10 days and will end if 48 hours have passed since the last bid

I reserve the right to not sell if the offer does not satisfy me

Edited by Meshak
IC Added + (firestorm and black magick added to my event wishlist)

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