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Cannot host game

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Hello. It seems after a long time away and feeling nostalgic I downloaded DD1. Runs fine.

But I cannot create/host games on it. I've been all through the FAQ on Steam and the Tech support here.

  • I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it again.
  • I've verified, and while YES it finds a missing / corrupted file and downloads it. Running the game after this still doesn't allow me to create/host a game.
  • I've tried the -tcp in the set launch options.
  • I've tried it on making a Steam shortcut and running it with -tsp it after the shortcut target path, and with it also run as an administrator.
  • I'm not running anything like hamachi or another virtual network adaptor.

Which has me believing I have tried all the usual tricks to get this to work, but it's simply not working. Which is a shame as this was something I had really enjoyed playing. With the lead up to DDA coming, I would have loved the chance to get back into this.

I can, however, join other's games.

But still, it'd be nice to actually be able to see my Inn and make my own games.

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So it seems this is a constant thing. Even if I have it Verify and manage to get it to download this file. It ends up happening again.

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