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WTA ++ Tower Gloves

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I am auctioning these gloves I got yesterday in a infested run.  


Currency Accepted:

Final Patch - 100cv
Celebration - 100cv
Elf Hat - 100cv
NPC - 100cv
Celebracers - 75cv
aia's - 40cv
Butterscotch - 40cv
Ginger - 40cv
Waterfall - 35cv
bLACK mAGICK - 15cv
Salem - 15cv

Coal 8:1
Diamonds 5/10/15.

You can message me on discord at bignick573#1382 if you have other events, and I'll let you know if I want them/their value to me.

The auction will run through January 2, 2020 at 7pm CST (02:00 CET 3/1/20 for you European folks) as I am going out of town on the 3rd to see my new niece. I reserve the right to not sell if the bid does not reach what I believe they are minimally worth.

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