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WTA ++ Pristine Boots 950+ Tdmg (Whooshe's RNG)

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I want to auction off these Pristine boots I won from Whooshe.  This is the unupgraded pic, these are fully upgraded into tdmg. 



All bids must include one of the following items:

Rockshatter - 140cv
Celebracers - 75cv
Gaia's - 40cv
Butterscotch - 40cv
Ginger - 40cv

If you include 3 of the items, I'll add 10% to the CV and if you put all 5 I'll add 20%. A bid with a rockshatter will be higher if it is the same cv as a bid without a rockshatter, just because I really want one.

Other events I'm looking for:

Final Patch - 100cv
Celebration - 100cv
NPC - 100cv
Red - 60cv
Waterfall - 35cv
bLACK mAGICK - 15cv
Salem - 15cv

Coal 8:1
Diamonds 5/10/15 with one caveat.  In honor of Whooshe, if your non cap gets to at least 790 tdmg, I'll value it at 8cv.

You can message me on discord at bignick573#1382 if you wish to make a private bid, and I'll only update the C/O without a name.

The auction will run through January 2, 2020 at 7pm CST (02:00 CET 3/1/20 for you European folks) as I am going out of town on the 3rd to see my new niece. I reserve the right to not sell if the bid does not reach what I believe they are minimally worth.

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140CV     rockshatter

75CV       celebracers

135CV     diamonds


Really looking forward to my jester upgrader addition!


Edited by Garzhod
I figured this is gonna go pretty high. So I guess I will start stronger to make sure some it knocks a few people off the ladder.
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