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Game wont load

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So I've just brought dungeon defenders on steam. Upon installing it I've tried to play it. It has ran for a few seconds then stopped. I've scoured forums and posts looking for solutions to this problem.

So far I have:

  • Verified  cache through steam
  • Carried out a fresh installation 
  • Tried reinstalling prerequisites 
  • Fiddled with the configuration

Any more recommendations would be appreciated. Running on windows 10 with all updates complete. Happy to provide any more information if necessary 


Happy holidays x

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I don't have any help to offer. But if you are going to get into a dungeon defenders. I'd wait for DDA (Dungeon Defenders Awakened). Or try Dungeon Defenders 2. The original (the one you brought) seems to have inherited some quirks. While I can run it at least, I can't host my own games in it. Even after all the FAQ, I've tried. Hopefully, you haven't crossed the 2hrs for a refund.

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