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12 Days Of Christmas 2019 Giveaway

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Congratulations Trisha Dikeman you won a Ocean!

Congratulations Nyman you won a Lumen!

Congratulations Danky Panda you won a Red!

Congratulations dgamefather you won a Devil's Poolskimmer!


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In the spirit of the last 3 years, we’re doing another Christmas giveaway this year going from December 13th-25th To enter the giveaway, just post a message on the forums of your favorite Dungeon

Ball Blaster  https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198073799595/

Waterfall/elder staff https://steamcommunity.com/id/A2H4/

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Congratulations I'm Your Lolita you won a Overload!

Congratulations James and Danny you won a Eternity!

Congratulations Trone you won a Vortex Shield!

Congratulations Saitama you won a Waterfall!

Congratulations Dovakhiin you won a Aladdin's Wish!



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Congratulations Señor John you won a Black Satin Peak!

Congratulations Jaide Airblade you won a Mask of the Legends!

Congratulations WoottonMajr you won a Firestorm!

Congratulations Senjinator you won a Crimson!

Congratulations Captn_Cabolfa you won a Mana Master!

Congratulations Laronel you won a The Cavarly!



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Congratulations Axeosis you won a New Patch Celebration!

Congratulations OreoDayz you won a Jason Voorhees Mask!

Congratulations nelchrs you won a Bean's Leftovers!

Congratulations LarePaharinen you won a Ball Blaster!

Congratulations Hans Joachim (NOR) you won a Golden Roost!

Congratulations Santtu SEXipsykoosi you won a Mr. Skelly!

Congratulations Crow you won a Arm Guard of Lightning!




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