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12 Days Of Christmas 2019 Giveaway

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In the spirit of the last 3 years, we’re doing another Christmas giveaway this year going from December 13th-25th

To enter the giveaway, just post a message on the forums of your favorite Dungeon Defenders Item and your steam ID. Post as soon as possible, and if you’re lucky you can win a prize!



Each day there will be a winner starting with 1 and working its way up to 12 winners on Christmas day!

You can enter at any time, but prizes are picked everyday, so enter fast!

Each player can only win once.



Prizes will be announced along with the winners each day, so check back to see if you won!

After you won, please send me a message on the forums, discord, or steam to get your items.

Rumor has it Santa has some Special Gifts on Christmas!


List of Winners!


My Steam Account

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i did the big bad
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Just saying... it's also my birthday today sooooooo.... 

*crosses fingers extra hard*


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I just really, REALLY love the Arch Mage's Blade. It's a spellsword. And I think spellswords are really cool, even cooler than regular staves. It's why I'm really glad that they're good DPS staves right now. Even though Rainmaker beats them like every staves ever.


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