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[ENDED] items (armor , pets , weapons)

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Hey looking to auction off these items.

Items https://imgur.com/a/aGD9NJN

Item Check : https://gyazo.com/b543fa348b2da15a7928e5207464ad1c

I reserve the right to decline a offer if im not happy with it


Currency accepted 


Diamonds 5/10/15


Events im most intrested in :

Aladdin's Wish

Something Blue

aMAZEing Vision

Battlecruiser Debris Mask

Kraken's Good Eye

Genie King's prized Jewel

Old One's Stache


End Date : 28th December 2019


Genie CO : SOLD

Treadmill CO : -

Ember 228^ CO : SOLD

Ember 203^ CO : SOLD

Kraken Kannon CO : 60cv - Garzhod

++ leather Helmet CO : -

++ Pristine Chest CO : SOLD

++ Pristine Gloves CO : SOLD

++ Chain Helmet CO : -


EDIT : got a offer i couldnt refuse on embers/++ pristine gloves via steam so sold them earlier than the end date

Contact me on steamhttps://steamcommunity.com/id/dan124356/ ) or discord ( Dan.#7992 ) for items

Treadmill / ++ Leather helmet / ++ Chain helmet  i wont be selling as they didnt meet the price i was looking for


Edited by Dan.

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