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Dungeon Defenders: Awakened FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Here you can see what a lot of Defenders have been asking about Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. We’ll be sure to add to this as questions come in frequently!

What is Dungeon Defenders: Awakened?
DD:A is a return to our roots, capturing the soul of Dungeon Defenders and bringing it into 2019. This means all new models for everything in the game, brand new maps, new enemies, new weapons, new challenges, and so much more! It's not a simple remake, it goes beyond to give our players what they deserve!

Where can I preorder Dungeon Defenders: Awakened?
On our preorder store, located here!

What platforms is Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on?
In February we're releasing on PC and Nintendo Switch, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One following soon after.

Will all platforms receive the same updates?
Yes, we're going to be providing updates on all platforms very close to one another, if not at the exact same time.

Is Dungeon Defenders: Awakened free-to-play?
Nope! It's a retail product, meaning you purchase the full game.

Is there going to be DLC?

Are there going to be MICROTRANSACTIONS?
NOPE! Any additional content will be provided in the form of purchasable DLC (downloadable content), similar to the original Dungeon Defenders.

What's going to be in the DLC?
Quite a lot of content. We're not going to be discussing it just yet, but it will be considerable in size to the Lost Eternia Shards DLC content, potentially larger.

Is there going to be Cross Play?
Eventually we would like to provide this, but for now it is not something that is coming with DD:A. We are bringing Cross Saves though!

What are Cross Saves?
Cross Saves allow you to take your DD:A progress with you to any other platform DD:A is available on. This means if you play on your PC, and you want to carry your save over to your Switch copy, you can! At the desk, on your couch, or on the go, you can defend Etheria!

I preordered, how do I receive my game code?
All codes will be sent via email, PC versions will have their beta codes converted to release versions, with consolve versions being sent additionally on their respective releases. This ensures that you're able to download the game without any issues.

Are there physical versions of the game?
For the release, we are going to be a digital download only. It sure would be sweet to get a physical version one eventually!

Is Dungeon Defenders: Awakened online only?
You can play Dungeon Defenders: Awakened online and offline with local co-op.

Is this just another Dungeon Defenders: Eternity?
The short answer is no. The longer answer is HELL no. DD:E was a different product entirely. We have no plans to repeat history when it comes to that.

We came up with Dungeon Defenders: Awakened as our first smaller-scope project as a new team, to get back to our roots, and give players what they have been asking for!

Who is Chromatic Games?
We're a completely employee-owned studio making all decisions in-house. We're a mix of old, recent, and new developers that have played and worked countless hours on the Dungeon Defenders series geared to provide the greatest Dungeon Defenders experience to date.

Do you have plans to combat cheating?
Yes, we've been exploring multiple options to make DD:A fair for those who play!

Is DD:A more like DD1 or DD2?
We're aiming to capture the magic for Dungeon Defenders, providing an up-to-date experience. Lessons learned from developing Dungeon Defenders and Dungeon Defenders II are guiding us into making a player-first experience that we hope blows your mind!

How many heroes are releasing with Dungeon Defenders: Awakened?
The base four come with the base game. Additional heroes are planned to be added with DLC.

How many maps are there going to be?
A total of at least 15 come with the release, with many new locations that Defenders have not seen before!

Will progress be wiped after Beta?
Yes. This is to ensure that players do not run into any hiccups once we release the full game in all its glory!

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