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So the final update is here! \o/ To celebrate how about a little contest/giveaway? 

I want to see what kinda builds everyone is using for the 4 new campaign maps, so all you have to do is beat either Winter Mire, Magus Citadel, Omenak or Infested Ruins on Nightmare (doesn't have to be hardcore) and then post screen shots here of the victory screen and what towers you built along with a link to your steam profile and you'll be entered. You can play in a group if you want but each person in the group needs to post their own screen shots.
And yes it has to be on ranked.




For the people that like a bit more of a challenge the people with the best times (total time) for each map respectively will get something extra juicy for their efforts. To enter for this you need to play solo and post an extra screen shot of the heroes screen. You can't submit more then 1 map in your post, you can however switch map/update your time whenever you want. Anyone who can't post on here you can submit your screen shots to me on discord and I'll post them here. Washy#9155

Ends November 25th
Good luck and have fun! \o/

Prize list:
Manna Master
The Cavalry
Greater Magicite of Wind 
The RainMaker
Staff if the Pumpkin King 
Boneyard Blade
Vortex Set (Hammer+Shield)
Glacier's Demise 
Gaia's Last Gift
Mask of the Legends
War Bonnet
Something Blue
Ancient Plume
Azure Peak
Lava cuffs
Arm Guard of Poison
Arm Guard of Fire 
Arm Guard of Lightning 


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Okay so just before I announce the winners I just want to clear up something that might not have been that clear, I didn't want much focus on speed running so when I said that people with fastest time

Hard maps but I finally got a run complete. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Jaymuz/

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Having fun xD

Profile: steamcommunity.com/id/invalidchar

dd forum pleace stop it, this is not spam!

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