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Ended [WTT] 5++ Armor

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Accepted Currency:
Coal 8:1 (Max 10 CV per bid)
Cubes (Max 15 CV per bid)
Diamonds 5/10/15
Party Hats (NPC/Celebration): 100
Magicite: 80

Current Bids:
Mail Helmet:
Pristine Shirt: 15 CV FidoTheFish0000
Plate Shirt:
Pristine Gloves:
Plate Gloves: 10 CV TheRealJ

Reserve is 10 CV per piece
(read: would rather keep them than sell for less than that)

Will end Nov 27th at 12:00 UTC

& Big Thanks to Bon for auctioning these for me.

Side note from Bonny :P I'm making this auction for Wootton and will keep this updated as much as I can, I'd prefer you keep bids in this thread but if you need to dm me on discord, my info is Bonny#3601. Gl and happy hunting.



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got other mail helmet in the meantime, sorry :c

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