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Mr Dinsmore

Draken Lord in Adventures

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I started over on PS4, for the luls. Played through the campaign, it brought back some fun memories... Then I got into adventures. This was around lvl 33-35, and I played the first map of the kobold king set... All of a sudden, wave 4 rolls around and there is a draken lord. Now... I myself know how to deal with it, however a new player would have NO IDEA how to deal with something like that. There is no hint, no anything in regards to dealing with something like that. Same goes for a seigebreaker. Maybe a little tooltip can pop up on bosses like that the first time you see them, kind of like they did in campaign to give you hints. A new player is going to have no idea how to deal with draken lord. 

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That's very odd? In terms of story mode, I assumed you aren't supposed to encounter the Drakenlord until Chaos 1 after Adventures as the Drakenlord hasn't been awakened yet.

And yeah, I also agree that encountering the Drakenlord this early is going to be nuts for new players indeed.

I would suggest having a two part-er for the Sacrificial Warden adventures as in fighting in Drakenfrost Keep twice - One in normal mode like always and one actually facing the Drakenlord "Incursion". To get the new players introduced to the Drakenlord. Then the Drakenlord could start appearing as a miniboss in the Chaos difficulty onwards.

But I personally (now) prefer the Drakenlord only appears in Expeditions Drakenfrost Keep and Onslaught to be honest. Feels weird for a big bad boss to just commonly appear as a miniboss in Adventures, Expeditions, Mastery and Incursion. Same goes for Cap'n Dreadbones.

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