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Does anyone know how to get the best of the best girraffes? Like what map, if mix mode ups the loot on console, if survival ups the loot on console, and if dlc maps count as area 3 or not.


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The best map for giraffes on consoles is in mistymire pure strat (insane or insane+ at least) This is the best map for giraffes because of the low enemy count compared to anything else (1k - ish enemies later waves for reference) A bonus to running this map is that you get also get the best possible fairy ingame on wave 20 (It spawns with the similar stats to the giraffe you get too)


FYI most if not all survival mode on maps are extremely taxing on consoles (having like 10k enemies late waves with just 1 character in) and risk freezing especially with splitscreeners in so this map is really the only viable map for giraffes ALSO don't even attempt to run survival on any map unless you like to sit in a map for 10+ hours (Don't bother with armor/weapon farming with enemies dropping stuff so survivals are worthless) Also disappointingly enough mix mode does absolutely nothing really other than making maps harder and is survival exclusive so...


Make sure you repair towers every build phase and wear a apprentice or huntress guardian to help towers in combat
You can also use this video as a reference



Also for armor... The best armor ingame spawns either from chests, or after completing a map that is later than ramparts in the mana shop (pets there also too). Has to be insane + mostly, insane does drop insane+ quality armor but way less often...

The fastest / easiest way in my experience is DPS - ing the first wave of mistymire insane+ campaign and getting chests next build phase (mistymire on pure strat does drop good gear also from chests) 

glitterhelm/misty/moraggo/aquanos insane+ camp also drops the best armor ingame with its chests + in mana shop

ramparts / endless /  the summit is 2nd

maps not listed, nearly if not ever drop anything good

To maximize your chances of armor dropping you should also have only 1 type of class out on the field then open chests (It prevents the other class weapons from dropping which in return makes it more common for armor to drop) pretty sure this works on consoles possibly


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