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10/10 servos/shards for pristine motes

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On PS4 - if interested post offers here and I'll message you.

Anti - Chaos x 2 servo

Anti - Melee x 2 servo

All elemental shards/servos

Robust helm

Healthy AP chest

Anti - Miniboss servo

Anti - frost servo

Piercer servo

Anti orc/goblin/warboar

Controller servo

Tenacity chest

Single/triple/quadruple chip

Light/medium/heavy chip

Crit damage servo

Crit chance servo

Diverse power/crit dmg/crit chance servo

All are 10/10. Other 10s in vault are rotting (no rate/range/tenacity servos).

Again, list offers here. I will not address any questions, and will only reply to comments in regards to why aliens actually don't exist, and why the universe only contains life on Earth...well, maybe I'll reply...actually I probably won't.

If you have a good offer then I'll contact you over PSN.


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