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WTA/WTS accessories (Ended)

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Hello, I want to sell the acc i got while farming ToL
Auction Rules:

Auction ends at 10/10/2019 (10th of october) 
Everything has starting price of 0,5 CV (or 4 coal)
You can outbid people on piece you want with offering more than current bid.
Accs are displayed in 7 rows(letters) and 11 columns(numbers), if you want to bid on a piece provide a letter and a number.
I.e. if you want an acc from frist row and 2nd column and want to pay 2 cv, the correct way to bid is:
"A2 2cv"
Accepted currency:
Coal (8 coal = 1cv)
Cube (1 cube = 1 cv)
Diamonds 5/10/15

PSA: for some reason I couldn't upload the image in full resolution and it is so small that it is not possible to read anything, use the link below and the built-in google drive function to zoom
Items : https://drive.google.com/file/d/18FOTib8GZ5XarPk7NY3KkXXpBJALDh0x/view?usp=sharing

The auction is finished, pm me on discord or steam so we can get on with trades :)



Edited by Escev
added link to items, had to shorten the auction for personal reasons

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I will offer for the set Escev. I want 

G1 3cv

C5 2cv

B10 2cv


Edited by Ace P.
changing numbers

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I'm ending the auction in two hours from now

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