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Returning player looking for tips

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I've been away from the game since I think around 2013, I recall Tinkerer's Lab still being fairly new when I stopped playing seriously. Basically anything the CDT have put out I have no idea. So I've been trying to figure out where to go to get the good gear. I've mainly been a solo player, and I'm trying to hit 5k-6k+ stats. 

I have perfect Kobolds on all my builders (all 4 tower stats capped at 600), but I hear other pets can do better, but not sure what and where and if it's actually worth the effort. I am aware of ToTs but I have a very hard time farming those as I just cannot do the mini game. And yes I have watched the videos and read the tutorials on how to do it with ease and even practiced it for a while, I struggled pretty hard with it. Mind you WW is like the only stage I've never beat, it's not worth it to me to farm diamonds.

I'm also looking to farm better tower weapons. I have some that hits around the 400 mark but only on like one character, the rest are in need of upgrades. Whats the best place to go to for stat weapons and how high of stats can I expect to look for?

As far as armor goes, I know Moonbase is good, I've farmed that a few times but I've only hit wave 33 (I have around 2k-3k stats chars) so I typically get one shot around that time and my build dies. I should in theory beat it if I don't die, but that hasn't happened yet. I hear that's about the best, but most of those posts are pretty old not sure if anything new that is "better" has come out.

Also, I know literally nothing about accessories, what kidn of stats they can give, where the best farm for them is, or any idea what I'm looking for. This was mainly because I remember back when I played still they only gave like less than 100 stat gains but I hear they can get pretty nice these days.

I assume TD NMHC campaign is still the fastest way to level. Is there anything better? Mind you I get around 30mil, idk how good that is though.


I know this is kind of a lot of information I'm asking for but I've been scouring for information and it's very difficult to find information for this game anymore.

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Now there are many pets that beat kobold. The one with best potential is diceses which can get 999 in all stats. But farming them can take forever.  ToT and just straight up diamonds are good, which both capp at 800.

Moonbase is still great, but I'm pretty sure Costal Bazard is the best armor map now.

For xp TD is good but embermount volcano is quicker. Tnker lab is quicker with if I remeber correctly 70m per run.

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Awesome! thanks so much my man! I had heard the Dice pet was good, but dang didn't realize it was THAT good. I'll have to get on that then.


Alright now, I just gotta figure out where to go for stat sticks.

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