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[LFG] High Level Maps

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Hey all,

I was posting to see if any high level players had interest in duo farms.  Running maps with players with comparable stats can be as close if not as fast as running solo on some, and I'd like some company during my many farms. The setup would be learning the same build, building together, and completing with 2 characters each, or more if applicable. Some examples of maps that I am looking for people on are - 

  • CR1 Survivals (W25 and 35)
  • CR2 Survivals (W25 and 35)
  • CR3 Survivals (W25 and 35)
  • CR4 Campaign
  • Temple of Polybius - Duo+
  • Temple of Water Survival (W25, 30, and 35)
  • Embermount Survival (W25, 30, and 35)


I would be happy to extend this to other maps I enjoy, such as my pet farms in Akatiti, Buccaneer Bay, and Arcane Library. I know these may be less efficient, but still open to duoing if anyone was interested.


Feel free to add me if interested in any of these runs and have the appropriate build and dps stats. 


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