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[ENDED] TB ++ Chain Vest

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I purchased a vest right before getting this drop so here it is for auction. Auction runs 1 week until 8/28 7:00pm PDT, extending by 24 hours after final bid if needed. Reserve is set at 50cv. PM me on discord: James#1750 for any questions.

Accepting coal 9:1, cubes, diamonds 5/10/15, events with stats. 


Item Check

C/O: Lightning 100cv

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20 minutes ago, *v* said:


This person is a fraud, likely the spicy guy who has been getting banned over and over. Messaged me directly on forums saying someone said I'm buying untraced events. 


I am not in the discord, provided posts saying that, or mentioned to people other than spicy, what I wanted to buy. This is 100% not a legitimate player and an alt account that has information provided only to a hacker for bait. Get the hell out of this game.

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