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Bringing "leagues" or "seasons" to DDA?

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So i was thinking about how the market is in DD 1 atm and i think it could be fun to have something like a beta branch where you pretty much just played live version but with new economy. This got me thinking that Seasons, Leagues and ladders as Diablo and PoE are using could be kinda fun for DD/DDA they ofcouse shouldn't be every 3 months but maybe half a year or a year where you can still chose to play "standard" or you can play "season", at the end of each season you ofc get the characters and bank with you to standard mode. You could also add themes like this season all enemies have +#% increased movement speed, or extra health, pretty much any modifier that could make it feel fresh each season. If it increases greatly in difficulty because of many minor modifiers they could ofcouse also add something like more loot quantity/quality.

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