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(Expired) Ult++ Enchanted Chain chest piece

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Ultimate ++ Enchanted Chain Chestplate

(For those of you who are new, the last digits are whited out  to prevent dupes by hackers.)

Starting auction will be 23CV. The auction will end on friday at 8:00pm Central standard.

(Basic auction rules) Once you place a bid you may only raise it, but NOT lower it. So be mindful of the decision of your pricing. You may not bid the

amount as another bidder. If someone places a bid before you, you must bid higher.

If top bidder fails to pay their bid within 48 hours then the prize will go to the second highest bidder.

Multiple fails from a single user without a good reason will lead to that user being BANNED from future auctions.


I will now be accepting event items as a currency. Unless its a item I really want, The determined value of the event item will be the median of the

highest and the lowest listed numbers from this spreadsheet 


You don't have to bid with only one currency. (Example) You could bid an event item and add CV along side it. Or bid using two event items to

If the item is wanted, the value of the item will be the highest number on the table.

combine the value. Message me on steam the item you are bidding with via steam, to determine whether or not the item is wanted or not.



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Here is the IC of the item. I am unable to edit the forum for some reason, so I have to use reply's for updates and edits. 

Also the value of CV on this auction is about 200B. 1 Coal is 25B and 1 Cube is worth 8 coal.

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The raffle is now closed, apologies for the slight delay. For future reference if I do not close the auction right at the ending time. All bids that are past the expiration time will not be counted. Fortunately there where no last second bidders, so its easy to tell that all these bids where on time.



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