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New Patch Celebration!!! [Giveaway, ENDED MSG ME]

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Hey, I just checked to see was this updated, I sent you a message on discord can I pick up my reward today?

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On 8/12/2019 at 11:51 AM, ItsUber said:

Hi all, it's time for another Uber Giveaway. I like to do giveaways for the hot topic items and have seen a lot of party hat hype lately, and with the new patch there's certainly reason to party🎈!  In this giveaway I will be giving away some party hats(npcs/celebrations). In order to enter you must celebrate the new patch by

1) Completing  Coastal Bazaar Survival on Nightmare starting at wave 20(or earlier) and ending at 35. 

2) post wave times/your character screen to show you completed it on nightmare and if you played with anyone

3) You can play with friends if you'd like, but each player can only enter once(ideally this is a semi learning experience so jumping into someone's last wave to enter is kinda lame though). Time doesnt matter. I'm having you start at wave 20 to show players how a modern armor run goes to maximize those sweet sweet new quality drops :)    Please leave your Steam ID for all players entering 

I will give players ~2 weeks to complete this one. Contest runs from 8/12/2019 until 10pm EST 8/25/2019

Feel free to look up a YouTube video or ask in the discord if you need some building guidance. There are a couple 'productions' on YouTube that may be useful 


If you have issues posting in this topic(the forums are literally perfect so it's your fault) you can send me a screenshot on discord or msg me on steam. 

Ubermench42 on steam

Ubermench42#4328 on discord



Rewards Rolls 

player reward
lunaris hat
kime hat
bullet hat
slc112 hat
putz hat
black pheonix hat
gyvexx hat
jyu hat
summimeow hat
spammeplz hat
mailmangus hat
manyux hat
moose hat
childe amn hat
dodo hat
jaymuz hat
superfx hat
mxmx hat
billyh hat
pure hat
kingenx moL
michanthony moL
slush ocean
polar bear dog ocean
chiaraux ocean
bacta ocean
mr edd07 pumpkin
lolita pumpkin
exostomp war bonnet
jaditz war bonnet

Can I pick-up my reward today :)

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thanks for this event type of thing. Unfortunately, I didn't read the instructions properly and started on wave 7 and powered all the way through. Since the map gave me a bit of trouble and the entire run took more than 6 hours in total, I hope you'll accept my entry anyway. As the times for each wave are cut off for the later waves, I included the more detailed chart for wave 35. 

We completed the map as a trio. The team members were me, myself, and I.

My steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/1fldyrmthr/

The screenshots:






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