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New Patch Celebration!!! [Giveaway, ENDED MSG ME]

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Ubermench42 on steam Ubermench42#4328 on discord Cheers Ubermcdoober Rewards Rolls  player reward lunaris hat kime

Hello o/  , Ever since this map came out I have been trying to find the best build for me and getting a little better each time I ran it.  I am so glad to have finally completed the run! Tha

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Neato Uber,


I've still yet to underrstand with/without MM, image.png.6347fe5bfbf519a9a84703f3f25ef86d.png This is what 42 runs has given me with Mixmode, working on the non mixmode numbers aswell. But only got 6 runs there..


Also, should be a punishable offense to take A PICTURE WITH YOUR PHONE OF YOUR PC SCREEN

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https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198008374841/     ____ ________ ____image.thumb.png.6b6d3e4bfca53122ea97234dffd1ad85.png



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Rewards have been rolled out of 60 entries. 20 hats and 10 consolation prizes. 50% rewards is pretty good \o/  congrats to the winners

player reward
lunaris hat
kime hat
bullet hat
slc112 hat
putz hat
black pheonix hat
gyvexx hat
jyu hat
summimeow hat
spammeplz hat
mailmangus hat
manyux hat
moose hat
childe amn hat
dodo hat
jaymuz hat
superfx hat
mxmx hat
billyh hat
pure hat
kingenx moL
michanthony moL
slush ocean
polar bear dog ocean
chiaraux ocean
bacta ocean
mr edd07 pumpkin
lolita pumpkin
exostomp war bonnet
jaditz war bonnet

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