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Coastal Bazaar

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So where does this map rank in terms of rewards?  

For campaign, are the weapons any good?

For survival, are the armor drops on par with the other top tier maps?

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Posted (edited)

Here are my notes so far after a few runs on NMHC...


I seem to get 1-2 (usually 1) pets per character.  The pet types I've gotten so far:
Monk Guardian

Main Weapons:
The weapons seem to be random, not dependent on the character you are playing.  Each character gets one weapon.  They spawn
with lots of stats in the 300's, 400's and even 500's.  So it would seem not too difficult to get a quad capping tower
piece from this map.

Sorcerer's Lamp: A gun weapon that looks like a genie's lamp and shoots 3 electric balls in an even horizontal spread.
For ultimate the damage per upgrade level is:
Base damage: 192
Elemental (Electric): 300

Spawn stats I've seen:
Base Damage: 10,171 
Elemental (Electric) Damage: 3730
Shots per second (max is 6): 4
Additional Projectiles: +2  (I couldn't seem to add to this unless I missed it on accident)
Clip Ammo: 1,389
Reload Speed Bonus: +51
Projectile Speed Bonus: +17,444

Damage: A 75K does about 2M DPS on Nightmare on my 6.3K Jester.  My 110K Blaster Rifle does around 2.4M DPS with the same stats.  But because of the spread on the Lamp, you'll have to get a lot closer to focus damage on a single target.

Flying Carpet Beater: A monk weapon that can be used for melee or ranged.  Ranged it shoots a horizontal line of 5
fireballs.  They seem to spawn with a large size but the melee swings are quite fast.  
The ultimate one adds 310 melee damage per upgrade level, 40 ranged damage per upgrade level and 89 elemental damage per
upgrade level.
Spawn damage stats I've seen:
Melee (aka base damage): 4895 - 2579
Ranged: 316 - 656
Elemental (Fire): 556 - 672
Projectiles: +4

Projectiles max out at +5.
Damage: A 101K melee does about 1.1M DPS on Nightmare on my 3K damage Monk.

I seem to get 2-3 pieces of armor per character.  Mostly Mythical/Godly but I've also gotten Transcendent.

Random Weapons:
I seem to get 3-4 random weapons per character that are only good for selling for mana as far as I can tell

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Here is my NMHC campaign build:

First I start off as a Monk and build three aura stacks (ensnare, electric and strength drain) at the three crystals as I go around and collect all the chests.

Then I switch to a Huntress and I build two proximity mine traps and a gas trap.

Then I switch to a Series EV and build two 5 DU buff beams and one 4 DU buff beam.

Finally I switch to a Summoner and build 6 archers, 3 on each of the 5 DU buff beams.

So at the end of the first build phase it looks like this:



The north crystals:



The south crystal:



Then I switch to an upgrader and work on getting the buff beams upped during the first wave (wave 7)


During the second build phase, I switch to a Series EV and build a 4 DU buff beam right by the Forge.  I then switch to an Apprentice and build two Deadly Striker Towers.  Finally, I switch to a Squire and build 4 harpoons on the ends of the 5 DU buff beams.



The third build phase is spent as a Summoner building 2 mages, 2 spiders and 4 more archers on each of the 5 DU buff beams.

So the North West crystal looks like this:


And the North East crystal looks like this:



The fourth build phase is the last one.  You'll switch to a Series EV to use the last 9 DU to build refelction beams to protect things from ogre balls, harbingers and copters.  Each 5 DU buff beam will have a 2 DU reflection beam and two 1 DU reflection beams.  Also put a 1 DU reflection beam to protect the Deadly Striker towers.

So the final build looks like this on the mini map:



The North West crystal:



The North East crystal:



And by the forge:


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