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WTA ++ Dice, Crescent, Armor, some ult/ult+ armors(ENDED)

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Just auctioning off some ult++ gear

Won't sell if i'm not satisfied by offer

Accepted Currencies: Coal 8:1, cubes, diamonds 5/10/15

Auction will run until the 13th at 6:00 PM HST

My Discord is : BradleyVFX#0507


++ Dice : 10cv Tubs
++ Ember Cresent: 5cv Bonny
++ Mail Helmet: 30cv Thales (Traded)
++ Chain Gloves: 21cv lunnuaris (Traded)
++ Mail Chest: 15cv Thales (Traded)
+ Leather Chest: 2cv Ace (Traded)
+ Mail Chest:
+ Plate Chest: 5cv Gyvexx
Ult Pristine Gloves: 1cv Jaym

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