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consistent is the key for balance

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Not sure the intent of CG for upcoming balance, but my suggestion below. 

Either bring, hellfire, venomous viper and ballista bite (self proc) mechanics back, to be in line with self-proc WM; (since petrify will be more healthy now)

Or disable all existing water-SR relics to be in line with special-mod-attuning-relic for ballista and vipers etc. (Just like the current fiery fang is hard-set to attune the whole existing relic to fire, even with other element present.  )

I'd vote for either of above, but really don't wanna see, after nerfing 4 self-combo defenses (ramster, WM, ballista, viper), they decide to bring one back, and leave the other 3 in the shade, because "reasons". Either nerf all to be consistent, or un-nerf all to be consistent.

Just my two cents. 


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Forgot PDT which never had a chance to be a thing :P

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