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Dungeon Defenders II NEEDS YOU for Testing New Content!

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Greetings Defenders,

Are you obsessed with Dungeon Defenders II? Do you want to be a part of meaningful changes and additions? Do you want to see content before it’s released?! Then you should check out our Remote Playtester Group and Remote Quality Assurance teams!

These teams help test upcoming content, features, and changes to help us ensure we make Dungeon Defenders II the best game possible! Here’s an idea of what members of each team do:

Remote Playtester Group (RPG)

  • This group tests the bigger releases and features — helping us polish, fine tune, and balance upcoming content before it’s released. RPG members spend a few hours each week with no fixed time requirements helping us improve our major content releases.

Our current testing periods are:

  •  July 12th @ 6PM ET to July 15th @ 9AM ET
  • July 19th @ 6PM ET to July 22nd @ 9AM ET

Remote Quality Assurance (RQA)

  • This group is concerned with testing every release, from small hotfixes to major content patches. Each day there is something new to test. RQA members spend a few hours each weekday to hunt bugs, catch issues very early, and provide early balance feedback.

We have a few requirements that we require (before you apply):

  • Are 18 years of age or older.

  • Are able to test on a PC.

If you have a PC that can test the game, but you play on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, the rewards can be earned through PC testing and applied to your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One accounts!

If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please use the application survey and our RPG and RQA Lead will get in touch if you are selected!:

For your help, we're offering tiers of rewards based on the amount your able to test:

  • First Tier: Mythical Defender Pack
  • Second Tier: 5K Defender Medals and Choice between tester-exclusive pets Betsy White, Gold Processed Sword, and Sodium Champ.
  • Third Tier: Tester-exclusive flair "Parrot Wings", helping  you become the squawk of the walk.



For Etheria!

Chromatic Games

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