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[Giveaway] Update 6 Beta testing

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Finished the map. My messages are reported as spam.

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Hey guys, thanks for keeping this awesome game alive. 

I did both maps on hard and don't have much to report.

Genie King's lamp sound was bugged for me in the sense that it sounded distorted and choppy. That doesn't happen to me on other maps.

The wyverns that got stuck on the columns and in my case sometimes the ceiling have been mentioned before. Here is some proof of my accomplishments and my steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/1fldyrmthr/jHo446g.png



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Coastal is on NM, but lmk if you need more proof.
I found this spot here next to the chest (that I collected already) that has an invisible wall. Makes it inconvenient for players to grab the chest from this angle. The invisable wall is to the right of my character in the image below. Other than that, a lot of people have covered other small bugs where enemies were getting caught on the walls and small bumps in the ground that your character can't slide over. Both very fun maps :)


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My Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067635381/
CR4 and Coastal were completed on Hard, Hardcore Mode.

I helped a per named Kalle Kalas, On Coastal (Beta) Map only, Who joined my match out of the blue!


Coastal, seemed very fun, Being a small map which I love
CR4 Felt like Crystalline Dimension but with a twist?
I liked both maps overall.



DD1 Beta Pt.1.jpg

DD1 Beta Pt.2.jpg

DD1 Beta Pt.3.jpg

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I forgot to add the person name who I helped.

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Hey and thank you for the opportunity to play the new content this early :)

Steam ID:



Victory Screens:



Report Bazaar (Played on Hard):

  • Chests after Map start need a few seconds to show up
  • No enemy spawn protection: Enemies die (from aura for example) before they reach the map. So mana and items are lost
  • Wyverns stuck on the pillars (bottom left / bottom right of the map)bazaar_bug2_drawn.thumb.jpg.b9c375e832b47b6565cc4eb1c12e939b.jpg
  • Mana does not drop from heaven djinsbazaar_bug1_drawn.thumb.jpg.ca27039b1f349332405dbc3aeaf5f3b8.jpg
  • Overall performance looks fine, using 4 chars it dropped below 50 fps though (Ryzen 5 2600X / RX 470).


Report CR4 (Played on Medium):

  • Mini Djins in the last wave have very little animation. At first I thought they were doing nothing. They proved otherwise :P
  • Boss Spawn Time is really wide apart. So one has to wait like 30 seconds + for new bosses to spawn
  • This map is really damn challenging. I used the provided heros (Discord save game) and it was tough.
  • I noticed small model issues with the dragon



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