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[Giveaway] Update 6 Beta testing

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Its time again that we ask everyone to help test the latest CDT update.

We'll be getting new updates before it goes live with fixes, so this one will last a while. Like last time, we wanted to reward people who played the beta and find bugs or just have some fun with it.

How to get on the Beta:
Right click dungeon defenders and then click propieties


Go to betas and type "i2liketesting" without quotes and check code


Select the testingonly_cdt to download the beta.


Don't forget to export to open and add the .cbb to the end of your save file (DunDefHeroes.dun) on Dungeon Defenders\Binaries\Win32 



Event Rules (Same as last time):

There will be a special item for beating the new map (Coastal Bazaar) and the new challenge (Crystalline Resurgence 4).  

Create a post with the level victory screen shots after you have ran the maps (one of them doesn't have an end screen. Just a screenshot of your screen after the map ends is fine)

You can run the new content solo or with friends. 

You must beat the content on at least medium difficulty.

Each person can only get rewards once. 

All posts must include a steam ID in the post. 

Please make sure to post any comments or bugs that you may have in your post or on discord


Anyone having trouble can post on steam instead: https://steamcommunity.com/app/65800/discussions/0/1642041886382694489/


Beta Patch Notes:


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Finished the map. My messages are reported as spam.

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Very Cool maps acutally had a nice time beating them with chewy :^) [on stream if anyone is intrested in the vod]

i guess you trust me on beating bazar on nmhc btw :O, sincerly N3rvi



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Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067334111/

I liked both of these maps and aside from the already known, I have found no additional bugs (yet).


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CR4 Beta:

#1 Map description has a typo should be deadliest, not "dealiest" (spelling error).898765003_CR4BetaSpellingErrorinDescription.thumb.jpg.e923f6be5860055589930ffaeef4fbda.jpg

#2 Found a lip near the crystal core that you can't walk over.799226625_CR4Beta-Cantwalkoverthislip.thumb.jpg.c2a8722eded705b4d25f4b4c1978d110.jpg

#3 I beat the map on insane, was crazy even on insane. xD1706269146_CR4Beta-LevelVictory.thumb.jpg.22fbcf2d1cb3635b45467ed876047507.jpg


Coastal Bazaar Beta:

#1 Wyverns sometimes get stuck on matching pillars on the southwest and southeast corners of the map. They unstick themselves after a bit, though. (2 screenshots)853973916_CoastalBazaarBeta-PillarWyvernaregettingstuckon.thumb.jpg.e173598973d4344338c3aab4d03b9900.jpg1306401215_CoastalBazaarBeta-Wyverngettingstuckandunstickingthemselvesafterabit.thumb.jpg.31fb1df4b7a966b604ca5b1783e74506.jpg

#2 I beat the map on insane, was pretty easy on insane, but most of the time insane is easy at this point. xD958676507_CoastalBazaarBeta-LevelVictory.thumb.jpg.f1df379876dda80144b6fee74f7ab21b.jpg

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