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Wall Rejuvenation plan!

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Hi all! I know Work on the next update has been talked about and im excited for anything they give us, but one thing i desperately want to see before majority of the focus is shifted to DDA is walls revived!

I know they tried to help them a little with DU decreases but a plain old wall still just doesn't keep up with everything in DD2. I think the health of the walls are okay where they're at right now,
i really want to see a MUCH bigger increase to the damage and usefulness. I also recognize walls are still useless on high floors when everything can 1-2 shot them, so without some sort of natural resistance added to them that increases with the mobs level it still wont help those super high up in onslaught but im just not smart enough to figure that theory out :D

So heres just some ideas for each of them, More so to increase CC, some damage, and ability to combo with elements for more diversity. I want to see these bad boys be awesome again!


- Just make it a leafy version of the old serenity aura
- let the aura have a natural slowing effect on mobs
- small explosions on death when in aura
- no longer just a tree for bees to huddle around

Maw of the Earth Drake
- More fire! More Mayhem! More Damage!
- light enemies on fire when they hit it (Damage of fire DoT would be based on the damage of the hit from the mob)
- shoot a ball of fire pretty much the same as volcano doing a small AoE
- give it a ramster like flamethrower attack doing a cone of fire damage or earth damage

Training Dummy
- less dummy more training
- when at max spin let it reflect projectiles
- A taunt Aura exactly like the Boot shard, effect on the ground and everything
- While spinning mobs who hit it have a chance to get confused

Spike wall
- More Spikes
- Natural vengeance ( the c8 shard that reflects damage ), Turn vengeance into a damage boost to the reflected damage
- While attacking have a chance to do an attack that chains to multiple enemies ( kind of like the electric fingers shard for Orc Blockade), Would be effected by element mods.

Orc Blockade
- more undead stuff
- enemies that hit it get slowed ( mainly the attack speed )
- It gains temporary health boost for a little bit when it kills ( something like an extra 0.5% max health per kill and caps at 20-25 kills )
- Takes more Damage against enemies on fire but small resistance to enemies effected by other elements

- Hard to come up with much since hes pretty good at his job: being a beefy boy
- A shard for abyss lord or colossus relic that lets you put a second one down.

Arcane barrier
- Not very Arcane
- Enemies who hit it will have a chance to have a random element put on them
- make the big knock-back attack it does at half health be triggered by every 10% of max health lost, less damage but more boom
- Normal attack is a small Pulse like AoE around it, every 25 attacks taken (or every like 20 kills) increase attack rate cap by .1 second.
(obviously having another Rate cap to the boosted cap but pretty fast like .25 or something)

Vipers Fangs
- More bubbles
- Max Bubble count way up
- When the bubbles are popped by something other then the time limit, the cloud of poison does a lot more damage and stays much much longer
- Bubbles aren't popped by sand vipers, But Bubbled enemies take a lot more damage from sand vipers while in them (like 15-20% more)

More ideas are Welcomed!!

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My solution to revive walls (tl:dr):

1. Reduce the damage of all dps defenses

2. Remove damage scaling on onslaught enemies

Now we have no reason to use walls as they are unnecessary, and in high onslaught they are more or less useless.


Here is the full version.

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