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New Hero-Based Mods Suggestions

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I think that the Dungeon Defenders 2 needs more unique hero based mods that add more diverse gameplay mechanics or add interesting abilities at the very least. Comment me what u think of these mods I list. 


Serpent's Gaze- While blocking, you emit a cone of writhing force, slowing enemies down to 60% and Hindering them, causing them to deal less damage. If under the Hindering effect for more than 3 seconds, enemies will be petrified for 3 seconds.

Solar Blade Beam- Sword beam and Besty's Sword Beam now explode upon impact, dealing 250-350% Ability Power as damage to nearby enemies.

Emberquakes- Seismic Slam now leaves a damaging pool of Ember within its area of effect, dealing 500-1000% Ability Power over 8 seconds to enemies that stand in it.

Guardian Shield- Increases the radius of your Block by 50% and you can take 10-35% less damage from projectiles.

Kingsguard Resilience- Blocking melee attacks now restores 1% of your maximum health while blocking projectiles grants a Crusader Charge. When you gain 20 Crusader Charges, you emit a wave of force that deals 250-600% of your Hero Damage as magical Earth Damage in a line and knocking back enemies hit. Cannot restore health more than once every  2.5 seconds.

Thorc's Wrath- Provokes' duration is increased by 15 seconds but its effect is reduced by 15%. In addition, you are now bathed in lightning, dealing 150-450% Ability Power as magical storm damage per second to nearby enemies.



Falcon Blast- Piercing Shot now launches two addition projectiles that spread outwards, each dealing 200-500% Ability Power as magical fire damage to enemies hit.

Venom Shrapnel- Oil Flask launches shrapnels that deal 100-270% Ability Power as poison damage to enemies hit and withers them for 6-15 seconds, causing them to deal less damage.

Healing Flasks- Oil Flask now heals any defenses hit, restoring 4% of their Defense Health.

Elven Silverthorn Bolts- Your primary attacks deal 5-40% increased damage to struck enemies and have a 10-30% chance to knockup enemies.

Supercharged Charged Shot- Your primary attacks now have a 25-50% chance to fire a charge shot that explodes upon impact, dealing 200-300% Hero Damage as damage in a small area of effect.



Mana Recoil- Mana Bomb now fires a wave of force while charging that stuns enemies for 3 second.

Sight of the Grand Mage- You periodically mark a distant enemy, allowing you to cast Arcane Volley/Arc Lightning at the marked target. Casts every 5 seconds.

Aftershock- Fully Charged Secondary Attack now spawn meteors that deal 100-450% Ability Power as damage to enemies near the enemy hit.

Heavy Gale- Tornadoes duration is increased by 10 seconds and now homes in on enemies. If an enemy dies while affected by Tornado, it increases its duration by an extra 3 seconds up to 5 seconds.

Infernado- Tornado now explodes after its duration ends or enemies hit by it die, dealing 500-1200% Ability Power as extra magical damage.



Oracles' Blessing- Primary attacks grant Oracle Charges when striking enemies,  which increase your Ability Power and Hero Damage by 1% per charge, When you reach 30 charges, your next secondary attack fires a bolt of lightning that deals 600-1500% Ability Power as damage to enemies hit and uses a charge the more secondary attacks are used.

Leaping Smash- Pole Smash now launches you towards a nearby enemy. 

Way of the Chi- Increases the range of Boost Auras by 55%. In addition, you deal 10-45% more damage to further you are from a Boost Aura but decrease your critical hit chance by 10%. You regenerate 5% of your max health and take 30% less damage while within a Boost Aura.

Crippling Chi- Concussive Wave now also confuses enemies, causing them to take 5-45% more damage.

Heroic Banner- Heroic Wave places a banner that increases Defense Power and Defense Range by 20-40% to nearby defenses. Allies gain 20% increased Hero Health and Hero Damage when near the Banner. Cannot place it more than once every 8 seconds.


Hope you enjoyed this. Message me at the bottom on your thoughts on these mods. Peace out Defenders :gohi:

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