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[ENDED] ++ upper plate gloves, ++ pristine gloves, 13 other misc ults

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Hi, this is Jaym. I'm running this auction until the 23rd 9:00 PST, extending by 24 hours if needed. Any questions message me in Discord: James#1750

No reserve in mind but I will decline offers I don't like. I can get IC on request.

Accepting coals 9:1, cubes, diamonds 5/10/15, events with stats. 



++Plate : 
++Pristine : 5cv Garzhod Paid
++Genie :
++Fusion :
++Elder : 1cv kyleishotaf Paid

++Illuminator :
++Saw :
++Sparus :
++Crescent : 2cv Melkor Paid
++MM :
Glad396 :
MM414 :
Mail+ 395 :
Plate+ 403 : 1cv mxmxmx Going to keep for myself
Plate+ 416 : 15cv Sybreed Paid

Players with weeb tag at time of bidding get 4 coal with their item

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7cv on 416 plate +

I'd also be fine with trading rocks feather, which is worth a fair bit more.

Edited by Sybreed

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