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[WTA] Ult++ Plate Helm

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Hey Y'all,

I am attempting my first auction on my first good Ult++ drop.

Auction ends: 22/6/2019 (24 hr extension on bid to prevent sniping)

Currency Accepted:

-Coal (10:1 CV)


-Diamonds (5/10/15)

-Builder Sets (accessories/weapons as well) (as I am a rookie my ultimate goal is trying to boost my builders with this) 

      current builder armor only (no char lvls) set stats: (summoner 1786, 3262, 1472, 722), (monk 1200, 2740, 1370, 1550), (app 826, 2478, 1369, 1858)


As this is my first time dealing with higher value gear please be patient with me on double checking values and things. I reserve the right to decline an offer if I don't like it.

Helm with item check:



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